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Arbed Solutions was founded by Debra Levantrosser in 2004 as a way to grow businesses and develop the next generation of leaders.

Arbed is a community-focused organization that not only assists businesses in improving morale while achieving goals but also sees its purpose as engaging the community as a whole and supporting higher education. The team at Arbed Solutions firmly believes in the values of holistic thinking and helping each and every person with whom it interacts.

The founder, Debra Levantrosser, is a leading international professional in the areas of productivity improvement, alignment and change, and facilitation and planning. For over 25 years, Debra has improved businesses both as an esteemed executive on the front line and as a respected advisor.

Through her efforts using such practiced and honed techniques as lean thinking, leadership development, culture change, change management, strategic planning, white space exploration, communities of practice and program management, she has helped to identify over $6 billion in business savings and has proactively improved employee morale.

She has lived in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, and the United States and worked in over 50 countries. For her complete biography please click HERE.

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